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COUPLE PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO: # The endless love kiss, a black and white icon of flimsiness. # A chick bites the skin of her boyfriend. Tears on the shoulders, smiles on the faces: a glamour manifesto. # A boy kisses a girl at the poolside. Youth under the hot sunlight of the middle of the summertime. # It is not so funny: life as a couple is very hard. But violence is not a solution. Never. # A girl lies on a boy, on the his shoulders. Sugar smiles, honey glances, fatal attraction. # Taking a picture of the body and the soul. A glamour black and white hug, a lovely embrace. # A guy takes away his girlfriend. Almost a dance step, under a cloudy and sultry summer sky. # The boyfriend kisses his girlfriend, but the girlfriend looks at me. Youth glory. # A couple embraced on the shore of a tropical beach. Stretched with love and sunglasses. # A pair on the shore of magnificent Canarias. Wet bodies against the breaking waves of the ocean. # A man embraces and kisses a woman with passion on the water line of a solitary beach. Stretched with very love. A glamour experience. # A pair embraced on a surrealistic chessboard. White queen and black pawn, playing for the checkmate. # A beautiful couple seated on a stairway. Hard lines and soft curves, but please don't touch. # A blond girl and a chestnut brown boy between the plants, under a palm. Elegant clothes for a classic picture. # A couple on a wall: intimate smiles and summer memories, the king of hearts and the queen of clubs. # A man kisses a woman in an exclusive and elegant place, at the evening. Full body, true love, top class. # A missy hidden behind her boyfriend. In front of a window: elegant backlight at the evening. # A girl stretched on a couch, a boy seated down on the ground, looking each other with love. A candid pose. # A couple embraced: seated on a low wall, in front of the sea, a kiss at dusk. A very romantic experience. # Two guys, a black and white whisper, a bright hug. Talking about today, tomorrow, forever. # A knight, a lady of rank. And if I say to you tonight, take my hands, come with me. It's to a royal palace I will take you. # A couple, a rose, a gun, a blue song. Leaving the rest of the world behind, and don't look back. Never. # Squeeze me till the soul drops down my body. The surprise of Venus, the passion of Zeus. # A fine-looking pair. You got a love, you got an entire world, you got a life. And you ain't lonely tonight. # A girl and a boy. Her face is cracked from laughing. A song, a scent, and all the tears that she's been hiding. # A promise for the eternity. I said Honey, you know I'm gonna leave you. When the Fall comes along. # A man, a woman. I catch the hurricane, see us spin. Fly away, leave now, way up high in the sky. # Lick me. I'm your favourite ice cream and, Deadly, I'll be cool to you. # A woman, a man. I've been ill-treat. Too much intimacy will kill the respect of each other. # A nice pair. There's a strange feeling going on, and you don't think you can hold out long. # I had dream, erotic dream: anything I wanted to see, any country I needed to go.