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PUBLIC PLACE PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO: # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Main Entrance. Do you remember the nice evening when we ate food and we drank beer? # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Interior. Everybody can have a good time here. You are welcome, always. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Bar Bench. And we love the shiver of surprise, and the kiss of luck. # Mr. Pizza (public place). Cashier. In the middle of the night you can find the most amazing pizza of your life. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. It's getting better and you don't feel the same. Disappointed? # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. We ask you to enter, don't be afraid: prices are good too. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Into the nights hot as hell, very romantic encounters are guaranteed in this public place. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Food and drinks are magic, a very witchcraft. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. What's the best tuna and onion sandwich you ever eaten in a public place? # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. The right place for a party if today is your Unbirthday! # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Which would you rather have? There's a lot of perfect drinks, here! # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). Classy finger-food for the most elegant aperitif in town. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). Every drink is so special. This is not a common public place. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. If you're looking for the sweetest thing of the world. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. It was a cold and rainy evening of a late Fall. Outside. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Climbing the highest mountains, running through the darkness, you're here just in time. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Business Establishment is a very bad word for a place so nice. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Every kind of friendship is possible and welcome. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. If you're looking for the best live concert for all. # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Halloween night party is so lovely here. Please, don't loose you're head! # Otium Cocktail Bar Birreria. Open all night long. It's a dream. # YAB (public place). High level restaurant for very special events. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). It leaves a good taste that your toothpaste can't delete on Sunday morning. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). Which would you rather have? Martini or Grey Goose or the barman? # Space Club (public place). Survive the day, prefer the night. Live fast, die young. Pure entertainment. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). There's something strange goin' on tonight, something quite good. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). The right public place for the sensation called intimacy. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). From Vernissage to Finissage, every night is a very special event. # Bamboo Lounge & Club (public place). From Vodka to Buddha, every night is a very mystical experience. # Mr. Pizza (public place). It was breakfast-time, and you found your cake with grain of sugar, waiting for the coffee. # Mr. Pizza (public place). It was dinner-time, and you found your sandwich with Prosciutto San Daniele, waiting for the Pepsi. # Mr. Pizza (public place). It was lunch-time, and you found your pizza with Mozzarella di Bufala, waiting for the beer. # Mr. Pizza (public place). The best take away service in heart of town.