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MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO: # Blue eyes blond model stretched out in the water. A Rimmel Venus in bathing suit. # A girl in a lagoon: drawing away the hair, leaving a water contrail. Into the great wide open. # A nice girl in bikini: fingers between the hair, time is on her side. # A pin-up in a glamour pose: fingers between the dreams, looking towards the photographer. # A model with her head under a water jet. A splashing summer, full of life. # A blonde model with swimsuit and sunglasses. Take a glance at the wonderful Canarias. # Sunny model seated in the bright light of a lagoon. A pretty Venus in swimsuit. # Red model relaxed in the clear water of a lagoon. A languid Venus in love. # A close up of a quick head shake: squirting away the water. This is the power of rock and roll. # Red hair model stretched out in the clear water of a lagoon. A glamour Venus in bikini. # A cute French model with a white flower between the hair. An exotic place with blue sky and palms on the background. # A dressed and wet woman comes out from the swimming pool, using the stepladder. A modern Venus in orange. # A smiling model in bathing suit, in a place full of light. Pure and glamour bliss. Black and white glamour pin-up. # Model with a hat and summer clothes, seated alone in a café, writing a message with her own smartphone. Life is elsewhere. # A portrait of a lady. I've fallen for a beautiful dream, took off the not so far land of Nod. # Blue eyes in a reflection. All our scribbled love nights are lost, forever, or faded to darkness. # A miss, a smile, a glance, and a magic of a melancholy tear in your heart for a moment. And the moment is gone. # An image of the last model of summer. And only my garden knows what's good and what's wrong. # It's late, true late. But you got no intention of going home, and it's a quarter of three. # Mad about lace. Had me an elegant model in Florence, and one night she just had to go. I hate this town. # A photograph of a lady. So she smiled me, but she wanted those fine things and those hot nights on the sin city. # A portrait. Nobody can keep a love that's gone bad, violent, sad. So sail away and don't look back. # An image of you, red hair girl. I've putting it off for a lot, but it's harder by tonight. # A portrait, wide awake all night long, now that Alice's back in town. And the mad hatter is behind the camera. # A merry picture, but she can't burns the midnight oil with us and stare out at the full moon through the window. # A photograph. Tonight left me fumbling with the heavy Jazz of Tom Waits. And It's so hard to win when you always lose. # A dream of a model, with marmalade hair, honey shoulders and liquorice eyes. The sweetest thing in your mind. # A portrait of a tobacco brunette. I'll be drinking to forget me, playing another LP and smoking another cigar. # Nighthawks at the studio, wandering girls, insomniacs, werewolves around a coffee dream. Do not close the door tonight. # (For the picture of me ~ Send, by prepaid classic old mail: three poetries of Rimbaud, two slices of cake, and a self addressed stamped envelope to Doctor Pëtr Ilič Ul'janov, Citizen of the World, Nowhere.) # A photograph. I wish I was in Florence, I can see it in my dreams. Arm in arm down via Verdi. A bottle, a pretty girl and me. # A pic. And you can't find your girlfriend. She hates you, your lunatic solitude and your Nikon. # Anti-model, sharp as a razor and keen as an edge. Intimidating as hell, and beautiful as heaven. # A portrait of a Joker. You're got rained on, and the marquise dressed in black and pink weren't weeping. # A model. And I feel as though we've met before. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but it's just I remind you. # A portrait. I have no cash to spend on my babe, and the life goes on. I'll be busting my chops, working hard for the club. # A pin-up. The flesh tattoo turned a prickly rose. Scrawled across the shoulders, of an imaginary studio. # A glamour motherhubbard. Just a twinkle of the lips, a reflection of the night, or the breakdown of the heart. # A portrait. And the sandman takes you where you'll be sleeping with the last pin-up of teenage.