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DISCOTHEQUE PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO: # Twice Club. A sexy girl at the disco in a hot summer night. # Twice Club. Two amazing girls play with the photographer, crazy feeling after midnight. # Twice Club. A pretty couple with powerful drinks. A whiskey and mohito embrace. # Twice Club. A happy group of friends in the Italian Movida. A season in Florence city. # Twice Club. Funny moments in the ballroom, when the rain falls outside. # Twice Club. Selfie in front of the bench of the American bar. Modern happiness. # Twice Club. Welcome in the best nightspot in town. Discotheque is open and free. # Space Electronic. The spirit of the nightlife. Well dressed or casual, you're welcome. # Space Electronic. Psychedelic vertigo on the dance floor, a brand new experience. # Space Electronic. Music, lights and drinks in the bigger discotheque of the city. Full. # Space Electronic. Shake me all night long at the discotheque. That's the true party. # Space Electronic. A beautiful woman dances with herself under a blue light. # Space Electronic. The smile of a pretty girl dressed in red. Discotheque and Dj set run. # Space Electronic. Super sexy dancers on the cube. A new generation of vedettes. # Space Electronic. Mr. Replay Dj live from the discotheque console. This is not white noise. # Obihall (Sashall, Teatro Tenda), Reunion. Elements of Life Djs spin the silver circles. # Obihall (Sashall, Teatro Tenda), Reunion. The greatest party of the year. The ecumenical discotheque. # Obihall (Sashall, Teatro Tenda), Reunion. A kiss, the youth, and rest of the dust is over. # YAB means You Are Beautiful. Welcome in the best discotheque in Florence. # YAB. Bloody sisters in the heart of the Saturday night. Pump up the volume. # YAB. Mr. Gil Sanders Dj live from the MC console. A powerful discotheque experience. # YAB. Dance all night, sleep all day. The drums, the bass, and the synthesizer. # YAB. So Rock and Roll for Commercial, Hip Hop and R&B. # YAB. I need of a Holiday. With you, Darling. # YAB. Honey, old boyfriends lost in the pocket of your overcoat. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. Five nice girls on a sofa. All night long on the broken glass. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. The most sexy nightlife girl that you can find at the American Bar. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. Explosive service. Just another dead soldier in a powder hot night. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. A beautiful fair woman in black. So chic. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. Music, lights and drinks in the most elegant discotheque of the city. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. Screaming, dancing and drinking. Full of life, until the bitter end. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. Glamour at the disco, take my down to buy a tux. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. An irresistible charm. Just gotta help me keep the devil way down in the hole. # Bamboo Lounge & Club. Show me the way for next whiskey bar. # go back to the beginning
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